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The Software-Defined Data Center is not just hype, but a critical ingredient enabling organizations to deal with the latest trends in Social Media, Mobility, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics or Cloud Computing/Delivery. To fully achieve it, you need a “Software-Defined” vision, from the server to the end-user and everything in between.

View Nexenta’s dynamic presentation around Nexenta's product portfolio and how Nexenta helps solve customer problems using Software-Defined Storage. Nexenta will focus on the upcoming release of NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN as well as NexentaEdge, Nexenta's next generation object storage solution designed to provide scale out object and block storage.

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Introducing Nexenta & the Benefit of Software-Defined
In this industry perspective we will introduce Nexenta, our Software-Defined Storage solution portfolio, business model and market position; we will also discuss the definitions of "true" Software-Defined Storage, how differentiated technical capabilities map to tangible business benefits, the observed results that demonstrate this, and additional statistics on the state of industry around SDS.

Jill Orhun
VP of Marketing & Strategy
Hashtags: #Nexenta, #SDS, #SoftwareDefinedStorage, #OpenSDx



NexentaStor - Software-Defined Unified Storage Using Industry Standard Hardware
In this session, we will discuss the high level architecture of NexentaStor, a Software-Defined solution for unified file and block storage. We’ll provide a high level overview of how Nexenta helps solve customers’ pain points by delivering flexible, scalable and cost-efficient Software-Defined Storage solutions, and share some of our upcoming plans for all-SSD configurations.

Oscar Wahlberg
Director of Product Management
Hashtags: #SDS, #SoftwareDefinedStorage, #OpenSDx, #NexentaStor



Software-Defined-storage for VSAN and VDI
In this session we will talk about the NexentaConnect product family focusing on the upcoming release of NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN and Nexenta's vision of simplifying storage for everyone. Session includes deep dive into architecture of the NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN, automation and ZFS fine-tuning.

Murat Karslioglu
Director of Engineering Solutions
Hashtags: #VSAN, #SoftwareDefinedStorage, #Scaleout, #NAS, #hyperconverged



Why Eventually Consistent Object Storage Should Not Use Consistent Hashing
In this session, we will introduce Nexenta’s next generation object storage solution, NexentaEdge, and provide an architectural overview of the integration with OpenStack before diving deeper into the the technical details in a "chalk talk”. During the chalk talk we will cover the architecture of the NexentaEdge Object Cluster that supports a unified global namespace across clusters of clusters and performs distributed deduplication, leveraging off a new form of hashing, Flexhash(TM) and Replicast, a reliable form or Multicast UDP.

Oscar Wahlberg
Director of Product Management


Robert E. Novak
Director of Systems Architecture

Hashtags: #SDS, #SoftwareDefinedStorage, #OpenSDx, #NexentaEdge, #objectstorage