Centralized Management and Analytics 

NexentaFusion provides simplified scaling and management through a single pane for reporting, monitoring, analytics, and orchestration for your storage assets. From tens of terabytes to petabyte scale enterprise and service provider solutions, NexentaFusion compliments your Nexenta deployments by managing Nexenta Software-Defined Storage solutions.

NexentaFusion simplifies deployment, operation and scaling of Nexenta Software-Defined Storage. From an easy to use central console, Nexenta customers gain immediate insights into key attributes of their Nexenta infrastructure and benefit from advanced analytics to make informed decisions.

NexentaFusion(click image to enlarge)

Multi-System Management and Deployment

The multi-system dashboard provides detailed status on multiple Nexenta arrays, on premise or in the cloud, and has the ability to drill into your complete Nexenta Software-Defined Storage infrastructure. A single screen to provide quick insights and a starting point to drill down into any system.

Advanced Analytics & Extensive Historical Trends

NexentaFusion is highly customizable with an interactive analytics dashboard for historical analysis, service monitoring, and event troubleshooting to provide speed and simplification when getting intelligence out of your Nexenta Software-Defined Storage deployment. NexentaFusion allows you to collect extensive long term statistics on your systems.

NexentaFusion (click image to enlarge) ​
NexentaStor VCenter Plugin (click image to enlarge)

Intuitive Workflows for Simple Operations

From pool deployment, to share presentation, and data protection configuration, NexentaFusion can easily configure your storage with the flexibility your business needs. The NexentaFusion UI simplifies such a task as creating a file system and scheduling snapshots or replications to allow you to manage your day-to-day storage tasks in a matter of minutes.

One-Click Deployment of NexentaCloud

Through the NexentaFusion UI you can easily provision new instances of NexentaCloud in AWS. Through our One-Click deployment model customers can select performance type and capacity and let NexentaFusion automatically take care of provisioning NexentaCloud.

NexentaFusion (click image to enlarge) ​

Run NexentaFusion Your Way

Click the logos to find out more on running NexentaFusion in AWS, VMware and Docker. 





  • Single pane of glass management of all storage assets
  • Advanced historical analytics of storage performance
  • Predictive analytics on storage availability, performance and utilization
  • Orchestration and automation of complex provisioning operations
  • Simple hybrid storage cloud provisioning
  • Centralized disaster recover configuration and management 


  • Modern user interface for management of multi-cluster environments
  • One click deployment of NexentaCloud instances
  • Template services for simplified Software-Defined Storage system provisioning
  • Consistent interface and analytics dashboard for block and file services
  • Multi-year historical performance and utilization data trending and analytics
  • Rules based provisioning and end to end service orchestration