It’s no question that all-flash arrays offer organizations huge benefits. What if you could increase performance and reduce storage latency at a lower TCO than your current storage by choosing the right all-flash storage solution? Nexenta Software-Defined Storage solutions offer your the ability accomplish all of this an more and more.

Key Benefits of Nexenta’s All-Flash Software-Defined Solutions


Nexenta All-Flash Solutions

Nexenta All-Flash configurations deliver high IOPS and sub-millisecond latency for small random IO workloads that are typical of databases, enterprise applications and high performance private cloud (VMware, OpenStack and Hyper–V) environments.

Scale-Out SDS for Cloud Native Applications

Our all-flash scale-out solutions deliver high-performance block, file and object storage services with limitless scalability you can rely on.

Full-Featured SDS for Enterprise Applications 

Our all-flash scale-up solutions provide unified storage systems (file and block capabilities) with unparalleled simplicity and reliability.

NexentaStor All-Flash Certified Reference Architectures

Nexenta works closely with partners across our hardware ecosystem to test, qualify, and certify all-flash reference architectures.

To review Nexenta’s Hardware Compatibility List and set of Reference Architectures from Dell, Lenovo, Supermicro and others, click here

NexentaStor All-Flash Certified Appliances

Supermicro All-Flash Unified Storage Appliance powered by NexentaStor
Supermicro’s All-Flash Unified Storage Appliance is a high-performance, low latency, High Availability solution all in one chassis. To learn more, click here

To learn more about NexentaStor, click here

Nexenta Partners in Delivery Leading All-Flash SDS Solutions