Storage on Your Terms: Nexenta Software-Defined Storage with Intel

 Mike Letschin
Mike Letschin
Field CTO at Nexenta

Today’s technology leaders need to tackle the big trends—cloud, big data, the Internet of Things, mobility, social media—while lowering IT spend year over year. That’s a tall order. Storage cost projections are becoming unsustainable, and organizations need new, more cost-effective ways of delivering storage. Nexenta provides a software-only storage solution that includes a rich feature set across all block, file, and object storage needs. This enables you to deliver software- defined infrastructure for legacy and next-generation enterprise applications, virtual workloads, file service applications, and more—all while maintaining the freedom to choose which platform to run on.

In this session you will learn more about the main kinds of software-defined storage technology landscape you’ll likely deploy:

• Scale-up
• Scale-out
• Containerized

Each solution is easy to support with Nexenta software and commercial off-the-shelf Intel-based hardware.