Enterprise Class Storage: the new rule of three.

Mike Letschin
Michael Letschin
Director, Products
Rolf Verslius
Rolf Versluis

February 18, 2015 | 40 mins

Today’s modern storage solutions follow the old fashioned rule of three. Dominated by three words: Software-Defined Storage. Learn about the trifecta of benefits from efficiency to flexibility to financial responsibility by joining Rolf Versluis, CTO at Adcap, a leading reseller in the South East and Michael Letschin, Director of Products at Nexenta as they discuss the trends and use cases for Software-Defined Storage and their play with the major virtualization vendors.

Attend to learn more about:

  • What is the rule of three?
  • Defining the world of SDx - software only, hyper-converged or traditional
  • What are the business advantages of SDS?
  • How SDS can be integrated in your virtual environment?
  • Deployment options
  • Examples of SDS deployment architectures


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